Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't drive to Atlanta on an 85-degree day with your car's air conditioner broken

I started to try it, but didn't get very far. So I pulled into a Mercedes service garage in Fletcher, North Carolina and they charged up my AC.

Then I drove down to Roswell, Georgia for a meeting of the Green Readers Book Club, which meets at Harry's Farmer's Market. The group is organized by the store and the non-profit Keep Roswell Beautiful, a non-profit that works with the local government to improve the local environment (and is a model organization for other communities to follow).

Given that I spend so much of my time as a shut-in, I talked for about 90 minutes before I realized that no one was left in the room but me. I'm not sure exactly when I scared them off--probably sometime around the 20th minute, when I started to give them my strategies for flossing teeth properly.