Monday, August 18, 2008

Personnel decisions

Dick Cheney's advisor on global warming (a man who I'm sure is very concerned with the plight of the polar bears) has been promoted to basically shaping the federal government's policy on global warming and clean air. Uh oh. I make the point in Greasy Rider that we spend more money on one Tomahawk Cruise missile than we do on the Energy Department's entire annual budget for renewable energy and fuel research. Doesn't look like that's gonna change.

So who is this guy? He's not a scientist, but he did volunteer during the Florida recount eight years ago (no word on whether he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express). His name: Frank Chase Hutto III. Something tells me he didn't grow up in Harlem, dodging crack dealers and gangs so he could get an education and work his way to a powerful job as one of Cheney's minions.