Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Renewable energy is only a fad...just like the internet.

Good thing we've got so many people in the US exposing that whole "renewable energy" thing as the fad that it is. Investing in it, or providing huge tax breaks for it, is like throwing cash into a black hole. Let the Canadians and Europeans keep cornering the renewables market, see if we care. The fundamentals of our economy are strong! We don't need, for instance, the thousands of skilled jobs that will be created by this new $1.2 billion solar plant in Quebec, to be built by a Norwegian energy company.

In Greasy Rider, I quote Bill Clinton saying that if we set our minds to leading the world in renewable energy techology, the US could undergo the greatest economic expansion since World War II. Not that he knows anything about economic expansion. Do you sense any sarcasm here?