Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cape wind to be approved?

The Cape Cod wind project might be given a big stamp of approval from the federal government this week. That'll no doubt piss off people like Bobby Kennedy, Jr., who's been against it from the start. (He's all for saving the planet as long as no efforts hurt the property values--or views--from the Kennedy Kompound out there.) Mind you, even the Audubon Society in Massachusetts is for this thing, so that lame argument about protecting sea birds can be thrown out the window. The Audubon Society! And this guy is lobbying to become the EPA chief.

The turbines will be placed about five miles offshore, so it's true that they will be clearly visible from shore quite often. The picture above is a rendition of what it'll look like. To be honest, if I lived on the Cape or the Vineyard, I wouldn't want to see this every day, either. And I sure as heck wouldn't want to see the value of my multi-million dollar property potentially drop because of it. But if I'm a diehard environmentalist, I've got to suck it up for the greater good. Hypocrisy hurts the cause.