Friday, February 20, 2009

The good news and bad news about my grease-powered car

The good news is that when Dr. Wife, MD, and I moved to Asheville a short while back, we found a place that was centrally located. So we could walk and bike more to places with the kids, rather than drive.

The bad news is that we're not driving much so I'm stockpiling lots of grease in the garage. Lots of grease. We're moving in six weeks to another house, so I'll be giving much of this stuff to the local biodiesel cooperative before then (and using the rest). In the new place, there's no room for me to stockpile (there's no garage), so I'll be sending the stuff straight to the coop, and I won't be storing any of it. Would it be a sin for me to get all my fuel from the coop once I move? (No more fuss, but I'll have to pay for the fuel.)

This is my very high-tech and complicated filtering system. I pour the waste grease through this felt filter bag and into a bucket. Then I pour it into the car's grease tank. Voila!

This is the back of the car. Now you know why Dr. Wife, MD, calls the Mercedes the "junky car." As in, "I don't have to drive the junky car today, do I?" She prefers our Toyota Highlander hybrid.