Monday, May 4, 2009

Annals of enviro-hypocrisy, chapter 1,823: The Edge wants to build five 10,000 square foot "green" mansions on one Malibu property. Seriously.

The Edge wants to build five 10,000-square-foot mansions on his pristine Malibu property (complete with a new mountain access road dug for them). (Why do you need five mansions? I guess one for you, and the other five for guests? Or maybe to house hundreds of displaced families from Darfur?) And he's trying to claim it's a green effort. No word on whether he's also building a landing strip for his private jet there.

"The project...calls for a cluster of five, 10,000-square-foot homes. The two-story, earth-toned dwellings would be the maximum size allowed in areas designated as environmentally sensitive habitat.
Renderings show organic design features such as a pool that encircles one home like a moat. Another house would wrap around an existing pile of boulders while The Edge's own dwelling would feature curved roof lines to simulate leaves."

He says the houses will all be gold LEED certified. The only problem is that the houses are too big, about five times too big, to receive LEED certification. What he's doing defeats the entire purpose of green building.

As Bono might say, how long must we sing this song?