Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A conservative (and correct) viewpoint on the environment. Believe your eyes.

An article from the conservative American Enterprise Institute called "Lose-Lose on Biofuels?"

It basically says we should stop mandating the increased production of ethanol and biodiesel from virgin sources.

"Forcing the market to produce large amounts of renewable fuel will harm consumers in two ways: it will increase prices at the pump, because biofuels are more costly than gasoline, and it will drive up the price of food, because it diverts crops into fuel. The impact of food price inflation will weigh most heavily in developing countries where food purchases comprise larger shares of consumption. Food expenditures account for as much as 70 percent of household consumption among lower income groups in the developing world."

They conclude that the best way to reduce emissions is through a straight carbon tax. Sounds good to me. But who has the guts (or suicidal tendency) in congress to propose a new tax?

(By the way, it should be noted that ExxonMobil has been big donor to the American Enterprise Institute.)