Monday, November 17, 2008

Gas prices keep falling. Will Putin be rearin' his head less now?

Gas prices have dropped 60 days in a row, now. In that darn liberal media, I keep seeing comparisons being made to the 80s, when people abruptly stopped caring about fuel economy after the price of unleaded plummeted from the gas-crisis highs of the 70s. (Ah, the 70s, a time when Jimmy Carter went so far as to put solar panels atop the White House, and told people to turn down the heat and start wearing sweaters. When misguided folks thought thought that driving a high mileage car meant they had to give up all sense of taste--as they poured into tiny Pintos and Gremlins, and the ever-popular Le Car). Here's the difference: today's heightened awareness of global warming. Even if gas was 2 cents a gallon, that wouldn't change its environmental impact. So drivers still want to use less of the stuff. People also now realize that the country's biggest security threats get weaker with every drop in gas prices. I mean, you have to admit that it kind of warms the cockles of your heart to see the petro-funded despotic Russian government unraveling a bit (Russian oil has now dropped below $50 a barrel), and even becoming more conciliatory to the West on missile defense.