Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a waste

On average, one quarter of every landfill is filled with compostable yard and food waste. Consider not only the incredible amount of space that this stuff takes up, but the energy it takes (and carbon produced) to transport it from your garbage can to the dump. Then think of the money it costs you or your city to take away your trash.

That's why Dr. Wife, MD decided we would compost all plant waste from our kitchen. The photo is of the composting pot we keep by the sink. You'll notice that Dr. Wife, MD is not inlcuded in the picture. That's because she's never seen around it. Somehow she delegated the composting responsibilities to me. (All of her great environmental schemes seem to end up turning into work for me, somehow.) We collect all eggshells and fruit and vegetable scraps, but no meats or dairy, into this pot and then empty it into a composting container in the yard (which I'll show later). We'll use the compost next summer for the organic garden I'm planning to create. (I'm also going to be building a winter garden soon, and I'll be showing pictures of that and providing progress-or lack thereof--reports.)