Thursday, November 13, 2008

Insert oil rig here!

In its noble, never-ending effort to wean the country off of foreign fuel sources, the Bush administration has..."expanded its oil and gas lease program in eastern Utah to include tens of thousands of acres on or near the boundaries of three national parks.
And if we don't do this, according to an oil executive with too many consonants in her name, the terrorists win.

'Kathleen Sgamma, the government affairs director of the Independent Petroleum Association of the Mountain States, said of the new lease proposals, “If you can’t develop oil and natural gas in this part of rural Utah, we might as well concede the United States has lost all interest in energy security.” '
I've always thought something was missing from the background in Canyonlands National Park. I was thinking that it was strip malls. (Nothing reminds you that you're snugly embedded in the middle of the US of frickin' A like a good old fashioned Bed Bath & Beyond.) But actually, it was oil rigs...