Monday, January 26, 2009

Fan mail

I got this friendly note from a (not so) big fan of the latest Outside magazine online column I wrote, about grease-car drivers not paying road taxes. I think being called a "green peace, tree-hugger" is supposed to be a bad thing here.

Hey Greg,
I just read your Greasy Rider Q&A from January 23, 2009 regarding tax evasion. I thought your high and mighty answer to a serious question was pretty crappy. I hope you don't think you'll be able to convert people over to your green ethos with an attitude like that. The only thing you're going to do is prove that green peace, tree-huggers like you have their heads in the sky and aren't properly grounded.
I though it was a legitimate question deserving of a serious answer, and instead you flippantly turned into a bashing of the people who don't agree with your beliefs. Maybe you should try again.