Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hang it all! Your semi-daily sustainability tip (and hypocrisy rating).

You can reduce your electricity bills by more than 25 percent if you hang your clothes to dry, as opposed to putting them in the dryer. Your carbon footprint will also be drastically reduced.

You can even do it in the winter, by putting up a drying rack in the basement or in the bathroom.

Practice what I preach? Between June and October, we didn't use the dryer in our house at all. Our electricity bills plummeted. Much more than 25 percent. But in the winter, I've largely been using the dryer. Dr. Wife, MD, puts clothes on a drying rack (she's much more conscientious than I am), but I've been doing most of the laundry lately. I'd give myself a mild to moderate hypocrite rating on this one, given that for half the year, the dryer sits lifeless in our basement.