Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The gas tax, and the NCAA secretly tracking my whereabouts.

A couple of times on my book tour, people accused me of being a tax evader, because I don't pay gas tax on the grease I burn. My argument is that my car is actually a hybrid. I start it on regular diesel, and then the engine switches over to grease when it warms up. You tax me extra for my great mileage, and you've got to tax every hybrid, battery-powered, and plug-in electric car. Now it appears that some states are on the verge of doing just that. They want to put GPS monitors in cars, and tax us based on the miles we drive, not on the gas we burn. The Obama folks oppose it on the national level. I'm against it simply because of the really scary Big Brother aspect to it. I don't want a mileage monitor in my car. I'm all for paying a tax on the miles I drive, but have the mechanic check my odometer when I get the car inspected, and don't be putting in some GPS chip that's sending my whereabouts to the NSA, CIA, FBI, NCAA and NFL.