Friday, March 27, 2009

Just got my favorite bad review ever!

This review is even better than the one I got from the climate change denier guy in the New York Post. It comes from the conservative Philadelphia newspaper, the bulletin, and is written by Mary B. Worthington.

My favorite quotes:

Between the eight episodes journaling each of the eight days of the journey, Mr. Melville reports on seven “errands” given to him by Iggy to further research various environmental topics — errands he completes in the year following the cross-country drive. These tasks are the redeeming factor of the book, which includes all sorts of cynicism and travel-companion-bashing, which I found distracting and sometimes insulting.


Though I will not give this book raves due to the off-color and demeaning content that he includes despite the fact that it has nothing to do with environmental concerns (attacks at Iggy for leaving the Catholic faith, explicit information about the homosexual relationship of a person he met on the trip, etc... ), as well as his rude remarks about his wife, I would recommend this book for persons looking for an adventurous way to read about the nation’s craze of “going green.”