Friday, September 19, 2008

7th Grader Invents Revolutionary Solar Cell. Seriously.

So the federal government's entire annual budget for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (our primary lab for researching wind and solar energy, and biofuels) is one-tenth the cost of a single Stealth Bomber. (Or, make that one-four hundredth what bailing out AIG cost this week.) As a result, we need to rely on goofballs in their garages building grease-power conversion kits for cars, and a 7TH GRADER WHO INVENTS THE NEXT GENERATION OF SOLAR CELL to lead us forward on sustainability. How difficult is it to understand that if we create the leading technology for cheap fuel and power, the entire world will be banging at our doors trying to buy it from us? How many jobs would that create? What would that do to our trade deficit? How much would that strengthen our economy? What would it do for our national security? This isn't rocket science. Heck, it's barely 7th grade science.