Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cody's great (wimpy) CNN adventure

Has anyone been following "Cody's Great Adventure" on CNN? Notice how CNN masterminded this idea after they interviewed me? Never trust that liberal media! Anyway, Cody courageously tries to drive across the country in a diesel car, REFUELING ONLY AT BIODIESEL PUMPS. That's right, he bought all of his gas from the pump, the entire way--yet he makes himself out to be some sort of great pioneer. Cody, I knew Lewis and Clark (or at least I knew of them) and you sir, are no Lewis and Clark. Left unmentioned is the fact that biodiesel, and ethanol, made from virgin vegetable products are largely responsible for the dramatic spike in worldwide food prices in the last year. (When fuel producers start competing for food crops, everybody loses. Bigtime.) Of course, Cody, you'll learn all about that if you read "Greasy Rider." And dude, Iggy and I didn't stop at a single gas pump, on our waste oil adventure. We were much more like Lewis and Clark. Except we had satellite radio, and the Interstate highway system, and climate control, and a McDonald's every few miles or so, and no hostile enemies.