Thursday, September 18, 2008

Never getting the hang of it

We haven't used our clothes dryer since June. It's getting lonely, and I miss it.

Dr. Wife, MD, insists that we hang all of our laundry to dry. Her point is understandable: the clothes dryer is the single-biggest energy sucker in a house--even bigger than a fridge. We can reduce our energy bills by up to 10 percent by hanging. And the greenhouse gas reduction of going without a dryer for a year is the same as taking one car off American roads for seven weeks. Intellectually, I understand this. But darnit, I like my clothes to have that chemically-induced, fabric softener-fresh scent. Now when I pull them off the line, they're a little wrinkled, and feel crusty. For the sake of my marriage, and I guess the environment, I'm willing to make this sacrifice. But the day Dr. Wife, MD, insists that we start recycling the toilet water, we're gonna need to have a serious talk.