Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What accountability?

I've found an awesome new way to pay bills--without actually having to pay any money, while potentially earning billions (yes, billions) of frequent flyer miles. I've got a bunch of credit cards, all of which accrue frequent flyer miles. This month, I'm paying for everything I buy with American Express (and getting lots of miles). Then next month, I'll pay for everythig with my Visa, including my complete American Express bill. The month after that, I pay for everything with my Master Card, including the Visa bill. (In the process, every single frequent flyer mile I earn on Amex this month will earn me another mile on Visa next month, and another mile on Master Card the month after that, etc.) So not a dime of money is ever coming out of my bank account, and my frequent flyer miles suddenly start multiplying exponentially. Whenever my cards hit their credit limit, which should be a very long time from now, I've got three options: first, use my billions of frequent flyer miles to flee the country and pay for me to stay in a Ramada in Borneo for the rest of my life; second, file for bankruptcy and sponge off my doctor wife for the rest of my life, as if nothing ever happened; or three, sell my billions of frequent flyer miles, and pay off the cards. Of course, if I'm really, really lucky, I can live high on the hog forever, and simply leave the bills for my kids.