Friday, September 5, 2008

Everybody Hates Iggy (Or at Least You Should, for My Sake)

Iggy is the college buddy who was kind enough to drive cross-country with me in the Mercedes, begging for waste freedom fry oil from restaurants along the way. He was co-pilot and fix-it guy, and is a central figure in Greasy Rider. So why does he deserve to be hated? Namely because of his powder-blue truck. Before the trip, he was a petro-guzzling, environment-ignoring, tree-slaugthering everydude. Afterward, he bought this diesel F-250 and converted it to run on fry oil. It gets 12 glorious miles to the gallon, the bed can hold five tons of weight, and he's thinking of putting a snow plow on it. (He can have a side business of plowing driveways, and not have any fuel costs. Imagine! Reason number 10 gazillion why renewable energy will help, not hurt, our pocketbooks.) Meanwhile, my rear-wheel-drive Mercedes doesn't like the snow, can barely fit my son's tricycle in back, and if more than two people are sitting in it, the rear-end sags hopelessly. Oh yes, I hate him. (You can see him standing next to the truck. See how smug he looks?)